Our Rottweilers are our babies.

Rottweilers playing in the lake.rottweiler puppy tn

We raise our Rottweilers as our children and grandchildren.  Our Rotties are not aggressive; they are not bred nor trained to be aggressive. We spend quality time with each of them so that they are protective and will make great additions to your family.  We have had Rottweilers for many years and have never regretted owning one.  These are our babies and they know it.

It is our company policy not to ship our puppies for the following reasons:

1) We love them too much.
2) It's too risky to ship a puppy.
3) If you don't care enough to come pick out your puppy, then our Rottweiler puppies are not what you are looking for.
4) And most importantly, you must pass our Rottweiler test.  If our Rotties do not approve of you, then we will not sell you a puppy.  We feel that our Rottweilers have entrusted us with the responsibility of finding their babies a safe forever home; therefore, they have the right to approve/disapprove of whom we sell to.

Rottweiler Breeders in Tennessee

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The AKC standard depicts the Rottweiler as a confident, yet calm and courageous, dog with self-confidence.  This does not lend itself to any kind of halfhearted relationship. Typically the Rottweiler is a sensible yet serious friend; although, most have a tendency to be fun loving.

The Rottweiler tends to respond with a wait-and-see attitude.  It is a muscular dog that needs a lot of space to run and frolic.  It also needs to interact with you; because, mental exercise is a necessity for this breed.  Interactive exercises (such as fetch, tug-of-war, etc.) are very important to the Rottweiler, and they appreciate it greatly.

New owners must socialize their new puppy from an early age to ensure that it knows its place in the family hierarchy. We interact daily with our Rottweiler puppies, so they don't become aggressive.  This gives their forever family the ability to immediately continue with their training. 

Rottweilers, if allowed, can be very aggressive with same-sex dogs by trying to establish power and who’s where in the pecking order. With the proper guidance, your new Rottweiler can live peacefully with the cat or other family animals; however, if allowed, most are inclined toward dominance and will push for the Alpha position in the family structure.  This must be considered when deciding if a Rottweiler is compatible with your family.

The Rottweiler, even as a young puppy, will test you to see if you are really in charge; therefore, they need an assertive and consistent owner who can handle a strong-willed dog.  Basically, Rottweilers are amazing animals in the right hands; but, without companionship, socialization and obedience training, they can turn out to be more dog than most people can handle.

Unfortunately, Rottweilers are targeted as being mean, aggressive, and uncontrollable. Some places even ban the ownership of Rottweilers, so you should check your homeowner’s policy to see if they are allowed in your neighborhood.

Keep in mind that your friends or neighbors might be very uncomfortable around this breed, which could present a legal liability.  Rottweilers have a tendency to look and act intimidating, which is why they work very well as police and guard dogs. People are fast to judge Rotties, feel they are too aggressive, or as they say a “killer, ” and might be quick to seek legal action if the dog does anything questionable.

Young Rottweilers need a lot of exercise to keep them lean.  Their growing bones and joints can be stressed or damaged if they don't get enough exercise to strengthen them, as they get larger.

Our adult Rottweiler male and females also need plenty of exercise to keep them in shape; however, it is extremely important that you do not over work your Rottie in the heat. Their coats make them prone to heat exhaustion and can lead very quickly to heat stroke in hot weather.

Extensive socialization with your new Rottweiler puppy is very important. Exposure to friends, family and unfamiliar surrounding will help with confidence. People who are friendly will teach them the difference between normal and abnormal behavior.

Our Rottweiler are big babies who love to be loved, and they are not shy about letting us know. Rottweilers are not your easygoing lucky Labradors; they have a very strong temperament.  They are very capable working dogs that love to learn.  They need to be needed, but they are not pushovers by any means.

Some Rottweilers can be obstinate and dominant, and they will try to make you prove that you can handle them. You must show them, through consistency, that you mean what you say. Teach your Rottweiler to respect you. When your dog loves and appreciates you, he will do whatever you want him to do, and will actually stop when you tell him NO!

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Rottweiler puppy playing in toy car.

Our Rottweiler puppies are our babies, and we treat them that way.  

We believe that they need interaction with us, their Dam, Sire,

and litter mates to develop into well adjusted dogs.  

Even Crissy, our chihuahua, plays her

part in teaching the Rottweiler puppies how to interact with smaller animals.

We also believe that the puppies need toys, games, and equipment

on which to play and climb to properly develop mentally and physically.  Basically

they have a puppy playground.