Our Rottweilers are our babies.

Rottweiler Females

Porscha (Karma) is a beautiful Rottweiler female from excellent German bloodlines. Her Rottweiler coat is shiney and the marking are a rich mahagony throughout. Porscha has an amazing temperament and loves to play.  We plan on breeding her with Apache (our newest male). They are both from the Mambo lineage.  Their puppies will be available this spring. 

Check the litter's page to see which puppies are finding their fur-ever homes.

Sierra ( Sierra Vom Haus Armstrong )

Sierra is absolutely beautiful.  She looks like Sadie's twin, except she still has her tail (it is illegal to dock tails in Germany).  Sierra is a real sweetheart.  Her personality is awesome.  She loves to play with the family as well as the other dogs.  Her pedigree is outstanding with the Mambo lineage on both sides. 

Sierra will be breed this spring.

Dokata ( Dakota Vom Haus Armstrong )