Our Rottweilers are our babies.

Female Rottweiler


Porscha Ebony von der Musikstadt

(Ipsen vom Wolfert Term X Austin Acres Knock Em Dead)

AKC WS41413905

Our female Rottweiler Porscha, affectionately known as Karma, is a short-back compact dog with beautiful markings and a great temperament.  She has a large top skull and forehead, and high set ears, called the "Mambo Head".  Porscha is our smallest female, weíghing in at only sixty pounds; however, the rest of her litter mates were standard size.  We think of her as our designer Rottweiler.  Her size would be excellent for people who live in an apartment and don't have room for a hundred-pound Rottie.  

Porscha's pedigree is excellent, going back into ADRK champion and Schutzhund 3 dogs. She has famous Rottweilers known all over the world such as Exel vom weissen Schwan and Orlando vom hause Neubrand.

Being a mother has changed Porscha's personality.  When she first came to live with us, she was determined to become the Alpha dog.  After having puppies, she has turned into a real sweet heart. 

Rottweilers are working dogs.  If you do not assign them a job, they will create their own.  Porscha has assigned herself to be the service dog of someone suffering with ptsd.  By watching her, we can usually tell when a ptsd attack is forming and can head it off.